Best Christmas Crib Sheets – Top Picks for 2021

Christmas is a time to be with your loved ones. The warm lights, the smell of cinnamon and the feeling of love fill the house. There’s nothing more special than decorating the house for that special time. When every family member is cared for and appreciated. If you’ve been wondering how to make that time even more special for your precious baby, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Here is our selection of the best Christmas crib sheets to bring that true holiday feeling to your baby.

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Smiling Baby in Crib - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Bedding for Babies

Grownups should spend at least a third of their time in bed sleeping. But do you know how much time babies need for sleeping? It’s a whopping 60 percent of their first year. At least! So we better make sure that their sleeping environment is as healthy as possible.

When choosing baby bedding, there are a few things to keep in mind. First things first. You should already have the crib and a mattress to fit. The mattress is usually either a standard or a mini size.

Crib Sizes in Inches - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Baby Crib Bedding Pieces

The crib and mattress are essentials but what actual bedding pieces should you get? The baby doesn’t necessarily need as many pieces as grown ups usually have. Especially considering that loose items are a choking hazard in the beginning. There are only a few items that you will definitely need. And anything else is a bonus.

Crib Bedding Essentials

Be sure to get a mattress pad. Mattresses are prone to dust mites and to capturing allergens. Plus, accidents will happen to the best of us, when there’s a little one in the house. So to make your own life easier and your baby’s life healthier, get an anti-allergen mattress pad.

When it comes to sheets, you should only ever get a fitted sheet for your baby. The little ones spend so much time in the crib and move around. Flat sheets will not be practical nor safe in this case. But fitted sheets are prefect! They should fit snugly over the mattress. Not too loose, not too small. Most fitted sheets already come in standard size, so you needn’t worry about selecting the right size.

Crib Bedding Extras

Crib skirts are not a necessity, but they do have their pluses. They are a decorative element, helping to bring the nursery look together. Not only that, they also have a protective side. They hide the mattress supports from the toddler, who might go and explore their surrounds and end up hurting themselves. If your crib has an under-crib storage, the crib skirt will also help cover that part and give the nursery a cleaner look.

Pillows, comforters and quilts help to bring the nursery look together even more. But they are definitely not a necessity. Don’t forget that you should never keep them in the crib while the baby is sleeping there. Anything loose is a choking hazard for the baby! But for decorative purposes, these extra elements go a long way. And once the baby is a bit bigger, you can definitely make better use of the pillows and quilts.

Baby Crib Bedding Tips

Choosing the right bedding elements can sometimes be overwhelming. There is so much choice and variety that it might become hard to pick. But here are some easy-to-remember tips that will make it easier for you.

  • Go with a natural fabric. You want to give your baby the healthiest environment. And that includes using natural fabrics, like cotton. Steer away from man made fabrics, like polyester or other microfibers. Some cotton-polyester blends might be alright, but the best choice is to always go for a natural fabric.
  • Choose organic. This means that the manufacturing process does not include harmful chemicals. That’s better for the baby. Organic sheets are also better for the environment in general, as the process is kinder to the soil and produces less greenhouse gases.
  • Make sure the bedding is machine washable. Things can get pretty hectic at times and accidents will happen, no doubt. Your life will be much easier if you can just toss the bedding into the washing machine. And pick it up once it’s clean.
  • Have multiple bedding sets at hand. If something happens with one set, you can quickly grab another without much worry.

Best Christmas Crib Sheets

We’ve put together this selection of the best Christmas crib sheets, so that you could be sure that you’re getting good quality and healthy products for your little one. The first items on the list are fitted sheets, which usually cost around $20. But there are also some great offers for bedding sets, which include much more than the fitted sheet alone.

Jumpoff Jo's Christmas Sheets - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

JumpOff Jo’s Christmas crib sheets are called Christmas Mischief. It’s a really unique design with Christmas elves delivering presents and putting up Christmas decorations. Compared to a lot of other designs it is truly playful. The fitted sheet is made of cotton and is machine washable. It’s soft, breathable and hypoallergenic. It’s definitely one of the best offers out there. Considering the price, you’ll get a very good quality fitted sheet with a unique design.

Price: $10

Buy Jumpoff Jo's Christmas Sheets - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Trend Lab Winter Wishes Sheet - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Trend Lab’s Christmas crib sheets are super adorable and made from cotton flannel. This means they’re especially soft and comfortable and will keep your baby warm during winter times. The sheets feature bears and penguins wrapped up in cute winter attire. The sheet is machine washable and fits mattresses that are up to 10” thick.

Price: $18

Buy Trend Lab Winter Wishes Sheet - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Trend Lab Cup of Cocoa Sheet - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

This fitted sheet is very similar to the previous one. It’s also made by Trend Lab and the only real difference is the design. It’s a cotton flannel fitted sheet – perfect for winter! And the sheet is of course machine washable. The design features bears enjoying a cup of cocoa, as well as foxes and bunnies. It’s adorable and a very good sheet for bringing the holiday feel to the nursery.

Price: $18

Trend Lab Cup of Cocoa Sheet - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Trend Lab Snowman Sheet - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

We’re not done with Trend Lab just yet! And this one is our favorite design from them. The chubby snowmen in coats and hats bring such joy and sweetness to the nursery. You’re bound to fall in love with them. As for the sheet, as usual, it’s cotton flannel. Which means that the sheet is breathable, soft and very comfortable. It’s machine washable and fits mattresses up to 10”.

Price: $17

Buy Trend Lab Snowman Sheet - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Trend Lab Crib Bedding Set - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Let’s spice things up a bit, shall we? Instead of buying only a fitted sheet, you can also opt for a bedding set, like this one. It includes a crib skirt, a quilt and a fitted sheet. The skirt and sheet are made from 100% cotton. The front of the quilt is also cotton, but the back side is made from polyester. We really enjoy the design and the color scheme of this set. It’s great for the holiday season, but you can also use it before and after Christmas! The fitted sheet features moose and bears, the skirt has a check pattern in red and brown, and the quilt is our favorite. It has the same moose and bear design, but on a larger scale, as well as other textural patterns. All pieces are machine washable, just be sure to follow the more specific instructions on the product!

Price: 100

Buy Trend Lab Crib Bedding Set - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

Geenny 13 Piece Crib Bedding Set - Best Christmas Crib Sheets

This nursery set by Geenny is a bit more special. The beautiful white, blue and grey deer design is absolutely beautiful. But the most distinguishing part of this set is that it includes 13 pieces. Yes, you read that right. 13 – a comforter, a bumper, one fitted sheet, one skirt, two window valances, a diaper stacker, a toy bag, two throw pillows and three wall art décor hangings. Some of the pieces are made from microfiber. But the fitted sheet that your baby will lie on, is made from cotton – a natural fabric. This set really brings together the whole nursery and is a beautiful choice for this holiday season.

Price: $90

Buy Geenny 13 Piece Crib Bedding Set