Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets – Top Picks for 2021

People often think that a higher thread count means a better bed sheet. This is not necessarily true. It ultimately comes down to the quality of the fabric itself. Many bed sheets out there hide behind the shiny high thread count sign, while offering a less than mediocre product. Let’s see exactly what thread count is all about, and what are the best 1000 thread count sheets out there that are actually worth buying.

Before we reveal our best selection of 1000 thread count sheets, let’s get to know this topic a bit better. Or if you’re eager to get shopping, here are our top 3 right here.

Ce Casa Esencia 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets
Cotton sheets
Threadmille 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets
Supima cotton sheets
Sheetsnthings 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets
Upland cotton sheets

What Is Thread Count

Image of Warps And Wefts - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Thread count is the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch. The horizontal threads are also called weft and vertical threads are called warps. So for example a 400 thread count sheet has 200 warps and 200 wefts in one square inch. Thread count is something that generally characterizes cotton sheets. But it is also sometimes used for other natural fibers, such as linen and bamboo. The different fiber thickness of these plants means that you can’t easily compare these numbers to one another. And it might get a bit confusing.

Essentially, what this number shows is how tightly the fibers are weaved together. There’s a quite longstanding myth that a high thread count indicates better quality but at face value, this is not true. A high thread count simply means that there are more threads in a square inch. Good cotton sheets range between a 200 and 600 thread count, whereas linen sheets that have a naturally thicker fiber generally have a thread count between 80 and 120. When it comes to bamboo sheets, a 200 to 400 thread count is the norm.

Keeping in mind those ranges, how is it that some sheets have a thread count of 1000, or even 1800? For the latter, you would have to have 900 wefts and 900 warps, but how is that possible? Technically it isn’t and there’s quite a cunning trick that’s being used for such high thread count sheets. We’ll explain it below.

Thread Count vs GSM

Keep in mind that microfiber sheets, which are made from a synthetic man-made fiber, do not have a thread count. Instead, what you’ll often come across is GMS – grams per square meter. This is a measurement of microfiber thickness. The more fibers there are in one gram, the higher the GMS, and the heavier the sheet. Microfiber sheets usually have a GMS between 55 and 120. The smaller the number, the lighter and thinner the sheet. Similarly, the higher the number, the thicker and heavier the sheet.

Nevertheless, you will probably come across a microfiber sheet set where the product description includes a higher number, such as 1200 or 1800. This is often a series number, or just a number to catch your eye and make you think “oh, that sheet has a high thread count, it must be a good quality sheet“. But just remember that this number doesn’t actually refer to a thread count, because microfiber sheets don’t have that. This technique tricks a lot of people, but if you know it, you can make smarter decisions!

The Secret Behind 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Image of multi-ply threads - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Thread count represents the number of threads in 1 square inch. The secret behind higher thread counts, such as 1500, 1800, and sometimes also 1000 thread count sheets is either flat out false advertising, extremely thin fibers (which is rather rare), or multi-ply threads. The last one seems to be the most common. With multi-ply threads, the trick is that instead of counting just each individual thread, manufacturers count each fiber (which is called a ply), that makes up the individual thread. So a single thread can actually consist of two or more plies that are twisted together. 

You can see this on the above picture, where the final visible thread is actually 2 individual threads twisted together. Which are both also made from 2 threads. In order to claim a 1000 thread count sheet, there would have to be 500 of 2-ply threads in one square inch. This means that the number of warps and wefts is 250 of each. And if you have a 4-ply thread, you only need 250 of them to say that you have a 1000 thread count sheet.

What does that actually mean?

You might wonder why this is such a bad thing. It’s because the threads being used are usually lacking in quality. The high number seems impressive and draws people in, but in reality you might get a much better deal if you went with a good quality 400 thread count sheet. Keep in mind that it’s not the thread count that matters, it’s the quality of the fabric!

It’s important that you’re aware of how this high number comes about. So when you do come across this, you won’t make false assumptions. Having said this, there are a number of sheets out there that have a 1000 thread count and are actually good sheets. We’ve picked them out for you, in case you want to experience what they’re like. With a good quality sheet, you won’t be disappointed.

Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets From Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is considered one of the highest quality cotton. The name has become somewhat misleading because not all sheets that carry this label actually come from Egypt. Nor is all the cotton grown in Egypt high quality cotton. It used to be that way, however. Egyptian cotton was different from other types of cotton, as it had long staples. In other words, the cotton fibers were longer than usual.

Cotton fiber length is usually divided into 4 groups: short, medium, long and extra long. You can see the lengths in the table below.

Table of Staple Length Classification - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

The longer the fiber, the better the quality. Fiber length affects the quality of the sheet is many ways. Fabrics with longer fibers have less fiber ends sticking out, so they’re softer to the touch. Short fibers are more prone to exiting the fabric and starting the pilling process. And they are less durable than sheets made from long or extra-long fibers.

These days Egyptian cotton is a name that is used more loosely than in the old days when it meant only Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton. But the good news is that in some cases this does not affect the quality too much. Long or extra-long staple cotton produces sheets that are higher quality, softer, more comfortable, and will last longer. We’ve done the work for you and picked out the best 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton bed sheets available on Amazon.

Pick your 1000 tc Egyptian cotton sheets

Bluemoon’s sheets

Bluemoon Homes 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Bluemoon’s Egyptian cotton sheet set has a sateen weave, which makes it super soft to the touch. What’s best about this set is that they fit extra deep mattresses. So even if you have one that’s 21”, Bluemoon has you covered. Remember to take the sheets out of the dryer quickly, so they wouldn’t start wrinkling. And even if you do forget about them for a little while, they even out nicely on the bed, so no ironing is necessary. Bluemoon also sells separate pillowcases and duvet covers, if you’re searching for more bedding.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory, Taupe, Elephant Grey, Silver Grey, Sky Blue

Price: From $90

Minor Monkey sheets

Minor Monkey 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Another beautiful sheet set comes from Minor Monkey. Their Egyptian Cotton sheets are made from single ply threads that are really fine. The end result is a lightweight fabric with excellent softness. The material is durable and breathes well, even though the thread count is as high as 1000. You can also get a good duvet cover from Minor Monkey, to match with the sheet set.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory, Sky Blue, Elephant Grey, Silver Grey, and more

Price: From $97

Ce Casa Esencia sheets

Ce Casa Esencia 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Ce Casa Esencia has a sheet set that is really top notch. The 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets have a sateen weave, which gives them a more soft and silky feel than usual. The sheets are strong, classically beautiful and feel luxurious. Thanks to the long fiber length, they won’t pill. Just as if this wasn’t enough, Ce Casa Esencia has also put effort in the presentation. The sheets come in a beautiful box, so they are also a great gift for a family member of friend that you want to pamper. The only catch is that it comes in one size only.

Size: King

Color: White

Price: $200

Thread Spread sheets

Thread Spread 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Thread Spread’s cotton sheets are made from Egyptian cotton that actually comes from Egypt. To be more exact, from the Valley of the Nile river. Quite a rare find these days, we should add! They have a nice crisp and soft feel to them and the sateen weave makes them extra smooth. The sheets are a bit prone to wrinkling, so it’s best to take them out of the dryer while they’re still a bit hot. You can either fold them until they’re cool or lay them straight on the bed. If you’re looking for a good quality bed skirt, Thread Spread also has these to offer!

Sizes: Queen, King, Cal King

Color: White, Cream, Light Blue, Red, Burgundy, Taupe, Silver, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, and many more

Price: From $115

eLuxurySupply sheets

eLuxurySupply 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort, go with these soft sateen weave sheets from eLuxurySupply. They’re 100% Egyptian cotton of great quality and will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a million bucks. Unlike many tricksters out there, these sheets actually have single ply threads. The set is a little on the expensive side, but it will last for a long time, is so soft against your skin, and will gift you a wonderful night’s rest. This is definitely one of the best 1000 thread count sheets out there.

Sizes: Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: Ivory, Sage, Light Blue, Burgundy, Taupe, Grey, Navy Blue, Medium Blue, White, Gold

Price: From $180

Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets From Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is another high quality cotton that is used for making bedding. Some consider it even better that Egyptian cotton. These two top quality cottons make up only around 10% of cotton sheets in the world.

But what is pima cotton? The scientific name of this particular cotton plant is gossypium barbadense and it produces extra-long staple fibers. As we saw before, the staple (or length of the fiber) is what determines the quality of the fabric. The shorter the fiber, the higher number of threads you need to weave together to make a sheet and the more fiber ends there are sticking out of the fabric. As a result the fabric is less smooth and more prone to pilling. So as a rule of thumb, you want to go with long and extra-long staple cotton. Pima cotton is perfect for that.

The gossypium barbadense plant is not only the mother of pima cotton, but also of other extra-long staple cottons. The difference is simply where the cotton is grown. It requires a lot of sun, humidity, as well as rainfall in order to thrive, so not all places are suitable.

Originally, this type of cotton was cultivated in Peru and Ecuador. Later as it became widespread in the United States, it was the Pima tribe of the American Indians who started growing it in the south-west. The tribe also gave the cotton its name. In addition to Peru and the US, pima cotton is now also grown in Australia. Out of all the cotton sheets sold in the US, pima cotton makes up about 3%.

Supima cotton

A certain type of pima cotton that is exclusively grown in the US is sold under the trademark Supima®. The word is a port-manteau, combined of supreme and pima, and these are some pretty exclusive sheets indeed. The Supima non-profit was formed in 1954 by a group of American farmers who saw the rising demand of pima cotton, but did not want the quality to start lacking, as often happens when the demand for something rises and the production wants to catch up with that.

Today, there are only around 600 US manufacturers and retailers who are licensed to sell their product under the Supima label. Most of them are located in the Southwest of Far West, as Supima cotton requires a pretty specific environment and climate to grow well. So without further ado, here are our picks for the best 1000 thread count sheets made from pima and Supima cotton.

Pick your 1000 tc Pima or Supima cotton sheets


Renauraa 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

RENAURAA offers a very affordable sheet set made from Supima cotton. It’s often hard to find sheets from this high quality cotton under $100, so it’s a great find. But leaving the price tag aside, the sheets are heavy at a 1000 thread count. They have a sateen weave, which gives them a nice sheen and smoothness. If you have a thick mattress, not to worry – the fitted sheet works well with mattresses up to 18”.

Sizes: Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory, Blue, Burgundy, Taupe, Charcoal, Chocolate, Silver, Ballad Blue, High Rise, Sea Foam

Price: From $91

Threadmill Home Linen sheets

Threadmille 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Threadmill Home Linen’s sheet set is made from single ply Supima cotton. And is probably one of the best 1000 thread count sheets you can find. The extra long staples ensure that you get great quality sheets that are soft and won’t pill. You may need to wash them a few times until their true softness starts coming out. But once it does, you can fully enjoy this luxurious set. Another reason to buy from Threadmill Home Linen is because they really step up their nature preserving game. The sheet sets are shipped straight from of the Threadmill factory, which runs completely on solar and wind energy. Plus, this helps keep the costs down, as there is no markup from a middleman. Threadmill also cuts down on the use of plastic by packaging their sheets in reusable 100% cotton tote bags. PS! You can also buy separate pillowcases from Threadmill.

Sizes: Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory

Price: From $111

CottonWorks sheets

CottonWorks 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

CottonWorks offers a beautiful sheet set from 100% pima cotton. The sheets are nice and thick Don’t let yourself get discouraged if they are a little stiff coming out of the package. This is normal for cotton. Just wash them and you’ll see firsthand how they become softer and softer with each wash. This is a true high quality sheet made from extra-long staple cotton, with a sateen weave. A true investment for a good night’s sleep. As a bonus, you can buy king size pillowcases separately from CottonWorks.

Sizes: Queen

Colors: Ivory

Price: From $180

Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets From Upland Cotton

In case Egyptian cotton, pima cotton, and Supima cotton are over your budget limit, don’t worry. You can still find decent 1000 thread count sheets made from Upland cotton, also known as Mexican cotton. Their quality is not as high, so there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

The reason why Upland cotton is considered lower quality is because of its short or medium staple fibers. Staple represents the length of the fiber and this is a crucial aspect of all cotton sheets. As we saw above, short fibers simply have more fiber ends sticking out and this reduces the softness. The second downside is that short and medium staple cotton sheets tend to pill more easily and are less durable. That’s because it’s quicker and easier for short fibers to start exiting the fabric and forming the pill, eventually becoming more prone to tearing.

Around 90% of all cotton sheets are made from Upland cotton, so it’s hugely popular and available. And even though it’s no match for Egyptian, pima, or Supima cotton, it still retains the main characteristics that cotton is loved and appreciated for. It’s a highly breathable fabric, it absorbs and wicks water, and is soft. So even if your budget is limited, you can still enjoy the greatness of the cotton fabric by picking from our selection of the best 1000 thread count sheets from Upland cotton.

Pick your 1000 tc Upland cotton sheets

Royal Tradition sheets

Sheetsnthings 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Royal Tradition has a wonderful sateen weave sheet set, made from 100% cotton. The 1000 thread count makes the sheet thick but not too heavy. Just the perfect amount. The set comes in 9 different colors and the color selection, although limited, is truly beautiful. They’re the perfect shade for bedding – delicate and natural. If you don’t want to bother with ironing, be sure to put the sheets on the bed right after taking them out of the drier. And remember, the sheets get softer with every wash! Royal Tradition also sells pillowcases separately, in case you need an extra pair.

Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, Split King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory, Sage, Blue, Taupe, Grey, Beige, Sea, Gold

Price: From $79

Pizuna Linens sheets

Pizuna 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

These 1000 thread count bed sheets by Pizuna Linens are thick, comfortable and become softer the more you wash them. They’re soft and slick against the skin and great quality for the price. You can also get queen or king size pillowcases separately from Pizuna.

Sizes: Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: Blush, Ecru, Ivory, Light Blue, Silver

Price: From $80

Moonstone sheets

Moonstone 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Moonstone’s organic cotton sheets are more on the heavy side due to the high thread count, but ever so soft and have a silky feel to them. The fitted sheet is good for mattresses up to 15”, so if you don’t have an overly deep mattress, they’ll fit perfectly. Cotton is great if you tend to sleep hot or are a sweaty sleeper and this set from Moonstone is no exception. It breathes well, remains cool, and lets you rest peacefully throughout the night. We consider this set one of the best 1000 thread count sheets because it ticks all the right boxes and comes in absolutely beautiful colors. You can also find a variety of sizes and many of these have matching duvet sets and separate pillowcases for a larger set.

Sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King

Colors: White, Ivory, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Elephant Grey, Silver Grey

Price: From $86

Royal Hotel sheets

Royal Hotel 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Royal Hotel’s 1000 thread count sheets are crisp and heavy. As many others, they may seem a bit rough in the beginning, but just give them a few washes. It’s very normal for cotton sheets to soften up with time and with each new wash. And this set is no different. Their fitted sheet is really generous and you won’t have to wrestle to get it on. It also fits mattresses with a topper. We also love the super wide option of sizes and colors.

Sizes: Twin XL, Full, Queen, Extra Deep Queen, Olympic Queen, King, Extra Deep King, Split King, Top Split King, Cal King, Extra Deep Cal King, Top Split Cal King

Colors: Beige, Blue, Grey, Ivory, Sage, Sea, Taupe, White, Gold, Striped Beige, Striped Blue, and more

Price: From $100

Sheetsnthings sheets (more)

Sheetsnthings 1000 thread count bed sheet set - Best 1000 Thread Count Sheets

Sheetsnthings has 1000 thread count sheet set that you don’t want to miss out on. They get softer with every wash and have a striped pattern. This is perfect if you want to add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom, without making it too obvious. And remember – if you’re not too fond of ironing, just put the sheets on your bed right after taking them out of the dryer. They even up so nicely on the bed and have minimal wrinkles.

Sizes: Super Queen

Colors: Gold

Price: From $130