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Hot sleepers

If you run hot during the night, you’re not alone. Around 60% of Americans say that they occasionally feel too hot while they sleep. If you’re one of them, check out how you can fight against night sweats with these cooling and breathable sheets.

Microfiber questions

Microfiber sheets come in all shapes and sizes, but what exactly are they? Some love them, some hate them. If you’re not sure what microfiber sheets are, or what you think of them, check out the pros and cons of these synthetic sheets. We also have a handy guide that compares microfiber sheets with cotton.

For back pain

Go to Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain

The right mattress is paramount for a good sleep, especially if you suffer from any pains or aches. Replacing a whole mattress can be costly though. Luckily there’s an alternative – a mattress topper can be a real savior at a much lower price. But you have to choose carefully in case you suffer from back pain.

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