Christmas Bed Quilts – Top 9 Picks For 2021

Preparing for holidays is one of the most fun times of the year. Especially prepping for Christmas. The lights, the ornaments, the stockings, the candles – everything that makes our homes a brighter and warmer place. Each room should be filled with holiday spirit and joy. And the bedroom is no exception! One of the best ways to bring the right feeling to the bedroom is with Christmas bed quilts. Whether you have a traditional or modern home, rustic or minimal – Christmas bed quilts can work wonders.

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Merry Christmas - Christmas Bed Quilts

What Is A Quilt?

Before we find out what are the best Christmas bed quilts, let’s first introduce the hero of the day. A quilt is a type of bed cover. It’s normally thinner than a comforter or a duvet cover. But more dense. So if you were to lie under a quilt, it would feel heavier on top of you than a duvet.

In fact, that’s one way to use a quilt. You can have it on top of your comforter or duvet as an extra layer for warmth. Or you can just use the quilt alone. This works well for people who prefer feeling a heavier layer on top of them but don’t want to run too hot during the night.

Sowing Machine Working On Quilt - Christmas Bed Quilts

What makes quilts special is the way they are constructed. A quilt consists of 3 parts: the top layer, the filling, and the bottom layer. The bottom layer is often a solid piece of cloth. On top of that you have the filling aka batting. This part makes the quilt heavier and warmer. Back in the days cotton was used as the batting. But nowadays wool, down, or synthetic materials are just as popular.

The quilt top is the most interesting part of the bedding. There is so much variety in design, color, and pattern. The result is a whole universe of quilts that fit every and any occasion. Christmas bed quilts are definitely one of them, but there’s also a lot more to discover.

The three layers are usually combined by using the quilting technique. Quilting simply means sowing two or more layers of fabric together. A quick way to do this is with the help of a sowing machine. But there is a big market out there that consists of handmade quilts. Some are bright and colorful, others more delicate and reserved.

White and blue quilt - Christmas Bed Quilts

Beds are not the only places where you can use quilts. You can also hang them on the wall or otherwise put them on display.

Another way of attaching quilt layers together is by tying. This method uses thread, ribbon or yarn to pass through the the quilt layers at regular intervals. It’s a useful way of keeping the layers together. So they won’t come apart while you use them, or when you wash the quilt.

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Christmas Bed Quilts

And now we get to the good stuff. If you’re looking for those perfect Christmas bed quilts, we recommend the ones below. The reason we have landed on these particular Christmas bed quilts is because of their looks and quality. You want to go with something that looks good, feels good, and won’t get ruined with the first use or wash.

Bedsure Christmas Quilt - Christmas Bed Quilts

When it comes to fun Christmas bed quilts, Bedsure has some very good options to cheese from. Actually, it’s not only the quilt but also shams that are cheerful. The quilt is made from patches with different colorful designs. You’ll find Christmas trees, stockings, gingerbread men and much more. And what’s even better – the quilt has a different design on the inside. So if you you’re looking for a bit of a change, all you have to do is turn it the other way around. The set includes a quilt and shams (only one for twin size). The material is polyester, which gives you a soft surface and keeps you warm.

Sizes: King, Queen/Full, Twin

Price: From $35

Buy Bedsure's Quilt Set- Christmas Bed Quits

BrylaneHome Quilt Set - Christmas Bed Quits

BrylaneHome has an antique-style quilt that will definitely bring a romantic touch to your bedroom. It’s like having a sweet collection of Christmas postcards and greetings at the touch of your fingers. The quilt is more lightweight. So if you’re looking for a heavy one, this may not be the way to go for you. But the colors are absolutely beautiful. Plus, you will get two shams and a decorative pillow with the set. This is a quite rare offer for Christmas bed quilts. Definitely a great buy for anyone who is looking for a slightly more antique look.

Sizes: King, Queen/Full, Twin

Price: From $89

Buy BrylaneHome Quilt Set - Christmas Bed Quits

TT Linens Quilt - Christmas Bed Quits

TT Linens offers one of the classiest Christmas bed quilts out there. It’s bound to brighten up your bedroom with the holiday spirit. The classic Christmas colors of white, red and green shine bright and work together well with the overall design. The feel of the quilt is soft and nice. Keep in mind that this includes only the quilt – no bed shams are included.

Sizes: King, Queen

Price: From $66

TT Linens Quilt - Christmas Bed Quits

Levtex Christmas Quilt Set - Christmas Bed Quits

Levtex is one of those manufacturers that has a variety of bright and beautiful Christmas bed quilts to sell. This one comes in 3 sizes, so you should definitely find one that fits your bed. The design is adorable with branches, leaves, berries, birds and a few other surprises. It’s made from cotton and one of the best things about it is the option of adding more shams. In fact, Levtex has different size shams with various designs. They all work well with the quilt, so don’t be shy with adding some extra touches to the bed. You won’t regret it! You can choose between the Euro sham setNeckroll PillowMerry Christmas Pillow, and Postcard Pillow. Pick as many as you like to bring that special feeling to your bedroom.

Sizes: KingQueen/FullTwin

Price: From $100

Levtex Christmas Quilt Set - Christmas Bed Quilts

Cozy Line Quilt Set - Christmas Bed Quilts

Cozy Line Home Fashions has a design that is slightly different from other Christmas bed quilts. It’s starry night themed and stands out with slightly darker colors. But it is by no means a somber quilt. The design is sweet, featuring stockings, snowmen, Christmas trees and more. The two shams (or one for twin size) have a house sitting under stars. It perfectly conveys a warm Christmas feeling – the longing and warmth of loved ones. Another great feature of these Cozy Line Home Fashions’ Christmas bed quilts is that they’re made from cotton. This means they’re easily washed. They’re also beautiful, do not require too much care and come at a good price.

Sizes: King, Queen/Full, Twin

Price: From $72

Buy Cozy Line Quilt Set - Best Christmas Bedspreads And Quits

Levtex Silent Night Quilt Set - Christmas Bed Quits

Here’s one for all the reindeer fans from the Levtex Christmas bed quilts collection. The quilt with white, gray and red tones are perfect for creating a Christmas vibe in your bedroom. Not to mention the Christmas ornament, reindeer and snowflake motives in the design. The set includes a quilt and two shams with reindeer. Note that twin size includes only 1 sham. You also have the option of adding decorative shams to the set. This is a great way to add even more holiday spirit to your bedroom. You can choose from these different designs >> Joy PillowPresent PillowJoy, Love, Peace PillowLet It Snow Pillow.

Sizes: Full/Queen, Twin

Price: From $100

Buy Levtex Silent Night Quilt Set - Christmas Bed Quits

Buy C&F's Holiday Quilt - Christmas Bed Quits

This is one of those Christmas bed quilts that you just cannot go wrong with. There’s something about C&F’s quilts that we just love. The design is delicate with just the right amount of color and pattern. This red and white quilt is perfect for Christmas. But you can also bring it out on other special occasions. That’s why the pattern is genius – it’s festive but not specific enough to only relate to Christmas. The quilt is also prewashed and oversized. The filling is cotton, which is another aspect to love about the quilt. If you want to add shams, which are just as beautiful as the quilt, you can buy them here >> Standard Sham

Sizes: King, Queen/Full

Price: From $154

Buy C&F's Holiday Quilt - Christmas Bed Quits

C&F Home Holiday Quilt - Christmas Bed Quits

If you want to go with a classic Christmas design, C&F has the perfect Christmas bed quilts for you. The colors are absolutely beautiful – different greens, white and red. The quilt design adds a delicate touch to it all. The quality is really top notch. So if you’re one who likes to go all in for Christmas, you don’t have to look any further. The material and filling are both cotton, which is always a bonus. We just love natural fabrics. Cotton means that the quilt breathes well and is good to your skin. Bear in mind that this is not a quilt set. C&F sells shams separately, you can buy then here for $40 >> Standard Sham

Sizes: King, Queen/Full

Price: Starting at $180

Buy C&F's Holiday Quilt - Christmas Bed Quilts

Aprill Cornell’s 6 piece quilt set is, in our opinion, one of the best Christmas bed quilts sets available. The rich red background, the hollies, the beautiful shams and bed skirt – it’s a tasteful combination that will light any bedroom with a true Christmas spirit. It comes in just 2 sizes – queen and king. The quilt is luxuriously oversized and made from natural cotton. Another great thing about Aprill Cornell is that they offer shams and quilts separately. So if you feel that the whole set is a bit too much, you can always start with smaller steps >> Quilt, sham.

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Sizes: King, Queen/Full

Price: Starting at $390

Buy C&F's Holiday Quilt - Christmas Bed Quilts