Affordable Linen Sheets – Top 6 Picks for 2023

Affordable Linen Sheets – Top 6 Picks for 2023

Linen is the oldest fabric known and is used in a variety of ways in the textile industry. It is without a doubt a major star in the bedding world. On the one hand, its great qualities are definitely worth investing in. On the other, this investment can cost a pretty penny and affordable linen sheets are hard to find. But don’t worry, there are some hidden gems out there. We’ve gathered them here for you, so you could have the best of both worlds. Wonderful quality linen sheets at an affordable price.

Image of Pink Linen Fabric - Affordable Linen Sheets

If you want to learn more about linen sheets, we’ve brought out the most important below. If you’re already familiar with this fabric and know why it’s considered one of the best, feel free to skip below to pick from our selection of affordable linen sheets. Or go for one of our top 3 right here!

Simple & Opulence Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets
Sijo Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

Buy Simple & Opulence Sheets - Affordable Linen SheetsBuy Sijo Sheets - Affordable Linen SheetsBuy Sijo Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

What Is Linen Fabric

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Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant, also known as linseed plant. You can recognize the plant by its beautiful blue flowers. The flax plant needs a cooler and humid climate for growing, although it’s not as picky as many others. It is native to the region starting from the eastern Mediterranean all the way to India. The biggest flax production comes from Canada, Kazakhstan, China, Russia and the USA. A lot of flax also comes from Europe. I’m sure you’ve heard of French linen, which some consider the cream of the crop.

Linen Harvesting

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From planting the seed, flax is usually harvested after about 100 days. The time of harvesting varies in different countries. This is because the plant does not tolerate much heat. So harvesting has to take place before the local climate becomes hot. The plant is ready once the stem turns yellow and the seeds turn brown. It’s preferable to pull the flax plant out with roots intact. For one, this increases the length of the fiber. It also prevents the plant sap from leaking out, which would result in a lower quality fabric. 

After drying in the open air, flax seeds are removed from the stalk (threshing). Next, the retting process involves separating the fiber from the stem. The retted stalks still contain some woodier parts. And these are removed by scutching. The whole process is quite tricky. But in short, the stalks are passed through 2 metal rollers. These crush the wood into smaller pieces, making it easier to remove them. Finally flax fibers are ready for spinning.

What Are Linen Properties

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Linen is not just a good fabric, it’s a truly great one. People have used it from the beginning of civilization and that speaks volumes. There are trends that come and go and there are true classics that stay for good. Linen is one of them. And no wonder, as it has many good qualities that make it stand out.

One reason why linen is a great choice is because it is a natural fabric. This means that it is made from natural materials. As opposed to synthetic materials that man has made from chemicals, such as microfibers. Natural materials are friendlier to sensitive skin and also to the environment. They decompose quicker.

Breathable And Durable

Affordable Linen Sheets

A more specific trait is linen’s ability to breathe. A linen thread is thicker when compared to other threads, such as cotton. So it’s not possible to weave it too tightly together. And this leaves more room between the threads for air to flow through. As a result the sheets are cool during warm nights. Linen also keeps you warm during cold winter nights. Its thermo-regulating quality works both ways, adjusting to your body temperature. 

Another wonderful characteristic of linen is its moisture absorbing and wicking ability. As a natural fiber, it absorbs the extra moisture from its surroundings. This is especially useful if you tend to be a sweaty sleeper. Thanks to its moisture wicking quality, linen does not stay damp. It releases the moisture quickly. Linen sheets are the perfect go-to fabric for hot and sweaty sleepers.

Linen is also durable. I’m sure you have heard of bedding that starts ripping after just a few washes. Or worse, you’ve lived through that tragedy. But linen is different. It is considered to be 30% more durable than cotton. One tip to remember is not to fold linen sheets the same way time after time. They may start ripping at the creases as one point, as these parts will get worn down. If you take good care of your linen sheets, they can last for decades.

How To Care For Linen Sheets

Linen sheets are fairly easy to take care of. They don’t pick up dirt or stains as easily as many other fabrics, so you may not have to wash them that often. But remember that washing them will affect the softness. The more you wash linen, the softer it gets. But always check the specific washing instructions. Some sheets need washing by hand, others can handle machine washing. Just remember not to tumble dry linen sheets!

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At first, a new set of linen sheets may feel rigid. You need to wash it to really break the linen in. It’s a good practice to put linen sheets in the washer even before the first use. You can wash them once, or even many times, as linen sheets will get softer with every wash. Some linen sheets are prewashed with stones (stone washed). This makes the fabric less rigid, more comfortable and gives it its chic, slightly worn look.

Affordable Linen Sheets

Affordable Linen Sheets – three words that rarely appear together. Linen is a high quality material and linen bedding does not come cheap. The average price for a good quality linen bed sheet set is around $400. Although the sheets may well be worth this price, it’s certainly higher than most of us are willing to pay. Or able to pay. But there are some affordable linen sheets out there as well. Here are our top picks for you to choose from.

Simple & Opulence sheets

Simple & Opulence Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

These Simple & Opulence sheets are made from Belgian linen. They are truly affordable linen sheets. They are light to medium-light weight – a wonderful companion for hot summer nights. As a typical linen sheet, they become softer with every wash. They will start to feel at their best after around 5 washes. So be patient with them. Once they break in, you’ll know the wait was worth it.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Colors: White, Linen, Purple, Light Grey, Dark Grey

Price: From $114

Buy Simple & Opulence Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

Sijo sheets

Sijo Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

Sijo is fairly new in the bedding world but their sheets really are the full package. They use linen that comes from Normandy, France. This region produces one of the top quality linens in the world. The sheets are preshrunk, so you don’t have to worry about them changing size after washing at home. They’re also stonewashed, which gives the sheets extra softness from the get-go. Sijo sells the classical 4 piece set with 2 pillowcases, 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet. But also a 3 piece set that includes 2 pillowcases and 2 fitted sheet. Wonderful flexibility for those who are looking for a slightly smaller set or a lower price.

Sizes: Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: Slate, Dove, Snow, Forest, Blush, Fog, Night, Sky

Price: From $145

Buy Sijo Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

Len Linum’s sheets

Len Linum Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

Len Linum’s fine linen sheets come from Europe. Belarus to be more exact. They’re the perfect combination of sturdy, cool, comfortable and they breathe well. You will need a few machine washes to really break the linen in. But once you do, you’ll know exactly how good linen sheets can be.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Charcoal Black, Deep Sky Blue, Natural, Tahiti Coral

Price: From $130

Buy Len Linum Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

Belflax Linen sheets

Belflax Linen’s sheet set is made from French flax. It’s really superb quality. The sheets have been stonewashed, which gives them the extra touch of softness at the beginning. Of course, like all good quality linen sheets, these will become more soft with every wash. The design is also wonderful. It’s the perfect kind of rustic chic. The pillowcases are envelope style, so the pillow will really have to fight to slide out during the night. As the sizes are limited, you may not be able to find one that fits your bed. But if you do, and you can afford these sheets, you’ll have a great set for decades.

Sizes: Twin, Queen, King

Colors: Brown Melange / Mocha Coffee, Light Grey / Beige / Natural Linen

Price: From $155

Buy Belflax Linen Sheets - Affordable Linen Sheets

Linoto Linen sheets

Linoto Linen combines both Italian and Belgian Linen. The sheets are made in New York. These sheets are prewashed, but keep in mind that you’ll still have to give them a couple of washes to really break the softness in. The sizes are quite limited, as is the color selection. So unfortunately not everyone can get in on the excellent quality of these linen sheets.

Sizes: Full, Queen

Colors: Natural Oatmeal, Warm Grey

Price: From $354

Huddleson sheets

Huddleson sources their linen from Northern Italy, while the sheets are manufactured in California. They’re generously sized and a true masterpiece of linen. With every wash, you’ll notice how they get softer. And their durability means that you can use these same sheets for decades to come. Be it warm or cold, the thermo-regulating qualities of linen will keep you comfortable anytime.

Sizes: Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: Indigo Navy Blue, Ivory, Palm Print, Peony Print, Pink, and more

Price: From $390