Best Sheets for Night Sweats – Top Picks for 2024

Updated on August 16, 2023

Whether you’re going through menopause, struggle with anxiety, or just tend to sweat a lot under the covers, finding the best sheets for night sweats can be a challenge. But don’t fret. There are wonderful sheets out there that can help you. Read on to find the absolute best sheets for night sweats, to enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.

Here’s our selection for the best sheets for night sweats. You can find more info about each product below.

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What Are Night Sweats

Before we get into the best sheets for night sweats, let’s first talk about what we’re dealing with in the first place. Night sweats can be uncomfortable to experience and embarrassing to talk about. But knowing what they are can take us a step closer to making the situation better.

In the simplest terms, night sweats mean that the body produces excess sweat during the night. Even though the temperature of the room is cool, you still wake up with your night clothes and bedding soaking wet. Night sweats can affect men and women of all ages, and also children. This shouldn’t be confused with sweating that’s due to a higher room temperature, eating spicy food, or sleeping under multiple covers. True night sweats refer to an underlying medical illness or condition.

What Causes Night Sweats

Unrecognizable person sleeping under blanket

Although night sweats manifest the same way, they can be caused by different things. It’s best to turn to your GP to better understand the underlying cause. Especially if your night sweats interfere with your sleep, you have a high temperature, diarrhoea, a cough, or unexplained weight loss. But as a quick introduction to the topic, let’s take a look at the most common reasons for night sweats.

  • Side effects of medications, such as antidepressants, steroids, or
    antipyretics (fever reducing substances, like Aspirin).
  • Hot flashes that accompany menopause.
  • Anxiety. The same way that anxiety can cause sweating during the day, it can trigger excess perspiration during the night.
  • Alcohol and/or drug use.
  • Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar in simpler terms. Taking medicines, such as insulin to lower your blood sugar can cause night sweats.
  • Hyperhidrosis, also known as chronic sweating. This is when your body produces excess sweat, without there being any identifiable medical cause.

How to Fight Against Night Sweats

If night sweats are interfering with your sleep or you’re worried, be sure to turn to your GP. A qualified medical professional can help figure out the underlying issue. It could be that you have some medical condition that needs attention.

But it’s also possible that you don’t actually have night sweats. Some of us just tend to run hot during the night and there are some environmental changes that can help with that.

Cooler Bedroom Temperature

This is the first thing you can test. We sleep better in cooler temperatures. Maybe you can open the window during the night to let some cooler air in (if it’s too loud outside, you can try earplugs) or lower the heating in your bedroom a few hours before you head to sleep.

Our bodies are constantly regulating their temperature. If we’re hot, we start sweating – it’s a normal and necessary process. One easy way to reduce sweating is cooling down the temperature. If you lower the degrees in your bedroom during the night, it can greatly help reduce sweating during sleep time.

Our body temperature also changes in correlation to our sleep-wake patterns. In the hours leading up to sleep, the core body temperature drops – the body prepares for sleep this way. We need that temperature drop, so that our bodies can release melatonin. This is the hormone that makes us feel sleepy. If the body temperature doesn’t go down enough, melatonin is not released.

Breathable Clothing

Try wearing loose, comfortable and breathable clothing in bed. If your clothes are tight, they trap air and that will make you sweat more. A breathable fabric like cotton is better than clothes made from synthetic materials, which don’t breathe as well. Go for natural fabrics!

Cooling Sheets

Just like the clothes you wear at night, your bed sheets can also have a great effect on heat regulation. Natural fibers are the best. For example cotton and linen. They’re breathable. And breathable sheets are the best sheets for night sweats, because they’re cooling.

You can also consider weave – percale weave is better than sateen for cooling purposes. This is because in percale weave you have a one-over, one-under weave, which lets air pass between the fibers more easily. Whereas in sateen weave, the three-over-one weave doesn’t let air pass as easily.

Apart from natural fibers, bamboo and lyocell are also great for temperature regulation. They’re considered semi-synthetic materials. The fibers are naturally sourced, but synthetically processed. However, they have innate cooling abilities, which will help you stay cool at night.

Best Linen Sheets for Night Sweats

Simple & Opulence Sheet Set

Simple & Opulence - Best Sheets for Night Sweats

These Simple & Opulence sheets are made from Belgian linen. Linen sheets really are one of the best sheets for night sweats. They breathe very well and are durable. So durable that they often get passed down from one generation to the next. In addition to that, linen loves to absorb moisture from its surroundings. And then to wick that moisture. So the sheets won’t stay damp. What’s especially great about these Simple & Opulence sheets is the variety of colors. As a typical linen sheet, they become softer with every wash. They will start to feel at their best after around 5 washes. So be patient with them.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Colors: Dark Gray, Light Gray, Linen, and more

Price: From $115

Buy Simple & Opulence - Best Sheets for Night Sweats

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets for Night Sweats

DreamFit Sheet Set

These Dreamfit Egyptian cotton sheets have made their way to our list because they’re manufactured in the US. We don’t mean to say that sheets manufactured in other countries have a lesser quality. But we know that some of our buyers prefer sheets from closer to home. The quality of these sheets is very similar to the above sheets by Pure Parima. They have a thread count of 400 and a satin weave, which makes them more lightweight, super breathable and smooth to the touch.

Sizes: Twin Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, CalKing

Colors: Blue, Champagne, Grey, Snow, and more

Price: From $120

Best Pima Cotton Sheets for Night Sweats

Peru Pima Sheet Set

Peru Pima - Best Sheets for Night Sweats

Pima cotton is a another fabric that can provide some of the best sheets for night sweats. Peru Pima produces bedding from authentic extra-long staple pima cotton. The cotton is grown in Peru. Their sheet sets come in many thread counts and you’re bound to find one that fits you best. Many 5 and 4-star hotels buy their bedding from Peru Pima. For example Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton by Doubletree. This particular sheet set has a 415 thread count. It breathes well and wicks moisture, which is a great remedy against night sweats. The sheets are comfortable and strong thanks to the extra-long fibers and percale weave. We also love the packaging. This makes them a perfect gift also for friends and family members who suffer from night sweats. And last but not least, you can order king or standard size pillowcases separately, in case you need an extra pair.

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory, Sky Blue, Burgundy, and more

Price: From $90

Buy Peru Pima - Best Sheets for Night Sweats

Best Supima Cotton Sheets for Night Sweats

Miracle Sheet Set

Supima cotton is considered one of the highest quality cottons. It’s a specific type of pima cotton that comes only from the US. With a 500 thread count, these Miracle sheets breathe very well and have a cooling effect. The silver ions in the sheets help neutralize any odor-causing elements before they reproduce. These luxuriously soft sheets are temperature regulating and also leave you with a healthier skin thanks to the silver fibers. They also trap less odor and you don’t need to wash them as often as many other sheets.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen

Colors: Stone, White, Sky Blue

Price: From $129

Best Bamboo Sheets for Night Sweats

DTY Sheet Set

DTY - Best Sheets for Night Sweats

Bamboo is a wonderful fabric and deserves a spot among the best sheets for night sweats. Not only does it have great moisture wicking ability. It’s also a a thermo-regulating fabric, keeping you cool during hot nights and warm during cold nights. DTY’s 100% viscose from bamboo sheets come in many different sizes. You can also buy separate pillowcases in both sizes. There’s one way that DTY really stands out. They pay attention to the environmental footprint that they leave behind. And this is a worthy cause to support. Bamboo produces less waste than cotton and requires less water. No pesticides or harmful chemicals are used in the growing or manufacturing process. These sheets come at a very good price.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, CalKing

Colors: Cream, Light Gray, Linen, Silver Gray, and more

Price: From $97

Buy DTY - Best Sheets for Night Sweats

Best Lyocell from Eucalyptus Sheets for Night Sweats

Sheets & Giggles Sheet Set

Sheets & Giggles deserves an applause for both their sheets and the way they run their business. The sheets are responsibly made from eucalyptus lyocell. Like bamboo, eucalyptus also uses less energy and water than other materials and it doesn’t emit microplastics. It’s extremely soft and what’s best – it’s temperature regulating. These cooling sheets will help you with night sweats, so you can get the deep sleep you need.

Sizes: Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, CalKing

Colors: Gray, Pearl, Purple, White, and more

Price: From $90

Best Percale Sheets for Night Sweats

Thomas Lee Sheet Set

Thomas Lee’s pima cotton sheets are actually grown in the US! They’re probably one of the highest quality sheets in our selection. With a 500 thread count, they are certainly not the heaviest, but thy still deserve a spot in our list of best high thread count sheets. There are a few things that really make Thomas Lee’s sheets stand out. The thread count and percale weave give them a nice crispiness. It’s this special type of crispiness that is hard to come by. The sheets are generously over-sized in the old fashioned way, so they’re sure to fit your mattress. Even if it’s a thick one, like 18”. The whole sheet set is a truly good quality one and the price reflects that.

Sizes: Full, Queen, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory

Price: From $220